Housing is Back!

Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow, speaks to Betty Liu on television’s “In the Loop,” stating that housing is back and there is no question about it.

Rascoff mentions that home values have appreciated for 15 months in a row.  2012 home values were up 6 percent year over year and Zillow predicts a 3 percent appreciation in 2013.

Zillow is the largest real estate site on the web with 45 million people every month.  Millions of houses for sale across the country are listed on Zillow, some of which cannot be found on any other real estate site.

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To watch Rascoff’s interview, click on the photo below:

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Student Flips-Before & After Photos

We want to take a minute and first congratulate all of our Armando Montelongo Seminar students. They work each and everyday searching properties, finding deals and flipping houses.

Here are some before and after photos of some recent flips our students have completed. We couldn’t be more proud of them.




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Armando Sends a Message to Jordan

Jordan, AM Companies COO, could not make it to Market Domination this weekend so Armando and his students sent Jordan this video message. We miss you Jordan and hope you feel better soon.

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Infographic: Open Doors, Closed Doors

The bloggers at Trulia Trends recently wanted to look at the number of vacant houses across the country, but found that the standard quarterly statistics from the U.S. Bureau of the Census were simply not adequate.

So they came up with a clever solution that provides some insight: They studied monthly data from the U.S. Postal Service on the number of addresses that were and were not receiving mail on a regular basis.

The USPS typically considers a property vacant 90 days after mail delivery to the address ends.

Vacant housing is a big part of what is referred to as the “shadow inventory” of homes, properties that currently are not on the market, but may be at some point in the future.

The shadow inventory, when it does start to come onto the market, will be a huge source of properties for real estate investors, since it likely will be available at below-market rates.

Here is a look at the data from the Trulia blog:

Housing vacancies Armando Montelongo real estate update

What do you think? Is this significant? Are you ready to see some of this shadow inventory on the market? Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or your own ideas:

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Video: Life Changing

Students from the July 2012 Armando Montelongo VIP Bus Tour express their appreciation for the experience and say they are ready to make a difference in their lives, thanks to the education and information.

Check out that they had to say, and get started with the Armando Montelongo real estate educational program at ArmandoLive.com:

Click on the icons to find out about social media at the Armando Montelongo Companies:

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