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House Flipping Strategy – Use Your Critical Moments to Erase Your Fear

You may have felt at some point in your life that the time for change is now. That is a critical moment. That is the time to take action in your house flipping business.

When you fall upon hard times, it is the time to realize your true inner resources. You cannot use hard times as an excuse for long.

As you’re reading this, you may be having your own critical moment. Maybe you were fired from your job. Maybe you lost your house. Maybe you are facing family challenges. Understand that when these things happen, there is a reason and an opportunity. If you do not take advantage of the opportunity, the reason can become an excuse.

Once the reason becomes an excuse, you are no longer taking responsibility for your actions. Once you stop taking responsibility for your actions, you lose control of your life. And, ultimately, you lose your freedom.

A critical moment is when your inner intelligence signals it is time to make a change in your life. That’s the time to take action. You can call a mentor, scan the internet for deals, or look for a real estate agent.

Reach Your Flipping Goal Faster by Making Mistakes

There are times when you will make mistakes. Don’t let mistakes, or fear of making mistakes, keep you from taking action! In fact, be willing to make mistakes! The faster you make mistakes, the sooner you will reach your goal.

  1. Set your ego aside. Your ego doesn’t want you to make mistakes and ultimately prevents you from getting started.
  2. Know that you will make mistakes.
  3. Relish your mistakes. This points the finger back at me. I was broke and on food stamps when I rode into town on my last tank of gas. I hung my head very low. But my prior failures have now become my calling card for success. People used to call me flaky; now they cal me ambitious. Relish the mistakes that you make.
  4. Learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat them.
  5. Learn how to create opportunity.
  6. Learn how to create opportunity without mistakes.

Obviously, the goal is to minimize mistakes. The point here is to understand that perfection does not exist, so do not expect it. Perfectionism can be an excuse for not getting started. Use mistakes as a learning tool, but use them wisely.

One shortcut is to learn from others’ mistakes. That’s why you need to get an education. When you learn from others, you minimize your mistakes. Find mentors who will show you the ropes, so you can reduce your learning curve.

It’s Time for You to Talk Back. I want to hear your thoughts.

What kinds of critical moments have you had in your life? Did you take action? What mistakes have you made that you’ve learned from?

Talk back by inserting your comment below.


Armando Montelongo


In House Flipping, Knowing Your Assets Leads to Action

When facing business challenges, many people insist on focusing on their limitations. They make excuses about their actions, their environment, or themselves when they do not achieve. But you need to be your own person to be successful. You can’t focus on the negatives. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, make a list of your assets. The right type of assets list will open your creative mind.

Make Your Assests List, and You Can Be a House Flipper in No Time

These are some questions you can ask to create your list. This is just a start. You can add many more questions to your own list.

  • Which country do I live in?
  • Do I have the freedom to open a business?
  • Do I have a brain?
  • Do I have at least average intelligence?
  • Can I read?
  • Can I find information on the internet?
  • Can I call people on the phone?
  • Is there real estate where I live?
  • Do people need houses where I live?

Of course, these are just simple things. But keep adding up your assets. Soon you will see that your assets outweigh your liabilities. You have more than you think you do.

Here’s what else you can do:

  1. Put your assets list up on the wall
  2. Add to the list every week
  3. Focus on your assets, not your liabilities

As you do your real estate flipping, keep thinking about your assets. You have what you need to be successful.You have your Assets List, Now, Take Daily Actions. You will be on your way to real estate investment success!

You CANNOT Make Money Without Taking Action. All the Small Decisions Add Up To Your Larger Results

In times of economic recession, a small number of people take action and make 50 times more money than people who just twiddle their thumbs. That is how the economy really works. Most people think the economy is dictated by inflation, the government, housing, the stock market or this or that. But the economy is dictated by people.

Your Personal Economy Is Dicatated By Your Own Actions

If somebody smokes every day, one day he or she will develop emphysema and lung cancer. That person might say, “Oh, my gosh! I’m sick. Why did this have to happen to me?” But it was the small actions they took every day that built up the problem.

Or if you run every day, you become very fit. My father is in his 70’s and runs every day, six miles. His family has a history of heart disease. But he cut fast food from his diet a long time ago, and he began running. It’s the small, everyday actions that keep him physically strong and makes him look like a man in his early 60’s.

So it is with growing wealthy. It’s the small actions that we take every day–especially during challenging times–that ultimately create the outcome of whether we are rich or poor.

I know people who go home at 4:30 pm every day and watch television. They pop some beers and watch TV for hours. Other people tool around in their cars, mow the grass, and do things that make them feel busy, but do not get them anywhere. They do not work on generating income and they never move up.

If you do something every day to invest in real estate, you can achieve your financial goals. When you get off work, go look at properties. Work on your flipping business. You can start generating profits.

Those small daily actions will add up. In two to 10 years, you can build up a large saving for your retirement account and build financial security. Or you can greatly improve your lifestyle and the quality of your life. There is no single big action that is going to make a huge difference. It’s the series of small ones–done consistently every day–that add up to big changes in your life.

Now It’s Time For You to Talk Back. I Want To Know What You Think

What are some of your assets? Can you think of some new questions to add to the list? How will you take action TOMORROW?

Talk back by entering your comment below.


Armando Montelongo


In House Flipping, Don’t Worry About the Money. Find the Deal First.

One of the questions that my house flipping fans most often ask me is, “Armando, where do I find the money?” That is the most wrong, backward question to ask. Find the money later. This is the principle to remember: Deals Come Before Money.

Deal, Money, Contractor, Flip….In That Order

Remember this: First you find the deal, then you find the money, then you find the contractor, then you flip the house.

The key is to find the deal first. Money always follows the deal.

When I started flipping houses, I didn’t know that either. I was lost in the same lies as everybody else. I was freaked out and worried. “Where am I going to get the money? I don’t have money! I don’t have credit!” I had no money and a 501 credit score – which did not qualify me for any kind of loan. I didn’t know the answer then. But now I do.

If You Find the Deal First, the Money Will Follow

Before I found my first deal, I went to the banks looking to see who would loan me money even though I had awful credit. I was committed to my dream of real estate riches, but the banks turned me down.

Once I found my first deal, I was able to find people who were willing to lend me the money because I gave them a great return on their investment. I learned to find the deal first, because the money will always follow.

You see, everyone wants a higher rate of return on their money. Even if you have bad credit scores, the right kind of lenders will do the deals with you. They will even give you extra money to repair the house.

Why are they so willing? The reason is simple. They make more money and the loan is secure against real estate. They give you money based just on the deal itself. They do not need to look at your credit. They look at the deal.

The right lenders see no difference between me and anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional flipper with a TV show or if you’re a beginner. They lend money based on the deal.

Your first thought should always be to find the deal. Create the discipline in your thinking. Once you find the deal, you can take it to people who have money. Without the deal, nobody will consider lending to you because they would be lending based on air. However, people will lend based on real estate all the time.

So find the deal, get the money, hire the contractors, flip the house.

Now It’s Time for You to Talk Back. I Want to Know What YOU Think.

Examine what you have been doing. Have you been looking for the deal first, or the money first?

Have you found a lender who will give you money without a deal(and it can’t be your Mom)?

You can talk back by entering your comments below.


Armando Montelongo


True House Flipping Wealth

Actually, you can define true wealth in any industry or even in different areas of your life. You can get very wealthy flipping houses. That’s what my business, Armando Montelongo Worldwide Inc. is about, flipping houses to make me wealthy. But you can work all the time, and not be wealthy.

Where Does Wealth Come From?

Wealth comes from having balance in your life. This is my definition of wealth: “Wealth is the infinite belief that you can provide an abundance of money, you can create an abundance of money, or tap into an abundance of money–at any time.”


  • Provide
  • Create
  • Tap Into…An Abundance of Money….

Create Balance in Your House Flipping Life

If you work all the time and do not give something back to yourself, you may grow rich, but you won’t necessarily be happy. Finding time for activities that do not generate income, but that you enjoy can help you create a greater sense of peace.

While you’re busy making money, remember the needs of your loved ones. Flipping houses is not about working so much that you don’t have time for them. Leave a legacy for your loved ones, but don’t forget about them along the way. Create balance in your life.

Now It’s Time for You to Talk Back. I Want to Know What YOU Think

Do you provide, create, or tap into your money?
How do you create balance in your life?

You can talk back by entering your comment below.


Armando Montelongo

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