Carlos Montelongo

If today’s blog post is a mess, the spelling inaccurate and the verbage inconsistent it is because I am experiencing something I have never felt before.

Last night I lost one of the closest people in my life, my brother Carlos. Carlos had an eight month battle with stomach cancer which was lost at 9:59 pm.

Carlos was the kindest person you could ever want to know. He never spoke negatively of anyone and always had a kind and encouraging word for you. Carlos lived in Delaware and called me last January to tell me he had been diagnosed with gastric cancer. He stated that the doctors gave him two months to live.

He began having stomach pains in November of 2007 and lost 40 pounds off of his 6?-7? 237lbs frame. (Yes, I am a little man compared to him :) When he passed he had lost over 100 lbs.

Carlos decided to go through natural therapy as the conventional doctors gave up hope on him very quickly and said chemotherapy was not an option.

He originally came to San Antonio, saw a few naturopathic doctors and then flew back to Delaware to continue the battle of his life. The pain soon took over and he was in a hospital in Philadelphia.

After staying in the hospital in Philadelphia for a week, the doctors said he had to leave the hospital as their was nothing else they could do for him their and they would not let him die in their hospital.

My entire family decided the doctors response was not good enough for a man who cared so much about others so we worked relentlessly to move him to Rancho Montelongo for the best care money could buy as well as the best care money could not buy (the love of a family).

We put him on a private medical jet with a full medical staff and had him flown to San Antonio. The coordination efforts of my other brothers Paul, Rick and David as well as the efforts of my mother and father, made it possible for him to come to Rancho. I am sure bills are passed in congress easier than it was to get him discharged from the hospital and flown to San Antonio.

My entire family worked relentlessly 24 hours a day 7 days a week to bring happiness, medical care, comfort and connection to their loving brother, son, uncle, father and husband. My special thanks goes to Veronica for her comfort to my brother as well as my sisters Pamela, Lisa, Patsy as well as my inlaws Lewis, Melina and Isaac for their tireless work and constant compassion for their brother.

He lived at Rancho for 5 months and was transported to my mother and father’s house a week ago. I think my brother ultimately wanted to go full circle to the comfort of his parents house as they are truly the greatest parents in the world.

My father worked tirelessly at age 74 to do everything a loving father can do to bring comfort, encouragement, courage and the ability to restore his son to health. My mother worked diligently to bring peace, balance, hope and comfort to his life. My heart hurts for them today as the loss of a child is the greatest loss of all. I have no greater advantage in life than anyone else, except for the fact that I have the absolute most loving and greatest parents of all time.

I spent Carlos’ last night with him and though he was heavily medicated to prevent pain, he told Veronica and myself “I always feel better when you guys are here”. Those words will stick with me forever. Typical Carlos… giving complements to others even in the most dire of times.

To give you a quick insight, two moths ago Veronica was ill with a fever and Carlos (only two months before his death) took her temperature, brought her water and did everything he could to bring her comfort. The day before his death he asked my mother-n-law, “How are you feeling” because she recently had surgery.

That is what I call “A Carlos Moment”… thinking of others before you think of yourself.

Carlos is survived by his mother and father as well as 7 brothers and sisters, his wife Kim and son’s Christopher and Javier.

Please let Carlos’ life be a lesson to all of us. Carlos accomplished several (private) things in his life that he had desired for over 20 years. He always spoke kindly and never had a negative thought or feeling towards others. He lived, loved and laughed a lot.

In Carlos’ memory I ask you for the next 24 hours to live to the fullest, laugh at other people’s jokes ( even if their not funny ), not say a negative thing about any else, apologize to someone you’ve hurt, be kind to everyone you come in contact with and say hello to a stranger.

Carlos, you were the epitome of kindness and love and I will miss you very much. You added so much to my life and to the lives of all of us who loved you. My heart hurts that you are not hear as I know you loved life so much. Please know that you will NEVER be forgotten and that I love you very, very much.

Your Brother,


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